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1. Payment and Pricing

  • Payment via PayPal/ Bank Transfer or Wise in USD.

  • Payment must be paid upfront, Payment plan can be discussed.

  • The listed pricing is for a simple character. Depending on the complexity, prices may vary.

  • The listed pricing is only for non-commercial use. Commercial usage will cost 2-3x more.

2. Right and credit

  • Credit me for my work.

  • The commissioner may use the artwork for their personal use and stream only and cannot use the artwork to gain any kind of currency unless the agreement for commercial use is made.

  • I am allowed to use your commission for portfolios and non-profit purposes. I have all rights to my artwork.

3. Commission Process

  • After receiving your commission order I will send you the pricing details and an invoice after we have discussed all the details.

  • I will start on your commission only after your payment and if there’s no other client before you.

  • I will send you wip/s during the commission process, I will continue my work once they got approved by the client and corrections are discussed.

  • I will not completely redo a commission from scratch, such as completely changing poses/outfits, after the sketch is approved.

  • Changes after I have rendered the artwork might result in additional costs.

  • Commissions can vary from a few days to 3 months. This applies to when I start your commission, not when you paid for the commission or when you are added to the queue.

  • You may ask for a deadline, I will only accept it if I am confident to finish it in your given time.

  • Rush deadline will cost 20-80% more, depending on the rush.

4. Refund Policy

  • You will only receive a full refund if I haven’t started working on your commission yet.

  • If I have started working on your commission refund will only be 20% -60% depending on the work process I’m currently on.

  • Finished commissions will not be refunded.

Illustration Commission

please read my TOS before commissioning me

price may vary depending on the complexity of the design and extra elements such as wings, horns, weapons etc.